1. Create a clear Instagram strategy
* Research your competitors;
* Decide what story you’re going to tell, and tell it consistently;
* Set Goals

2. Make your Instagram account more discoverable
* Cross-promote your Instagram account and content on other social channels;
* Link to your Instagram account or branded hashtag in other communications;
* Use relevant hashtags;
* Aim for the Instagram Explore Tab

3. Post consistently and at the right time

4. Use compelling captions
* Put the most important words up front;
* Ask a question;
* Try emoji;
* Try different caption lengths

5. Craft a great bio and profile

6. Tag appropriately
* Tag users;
* Tag your location;

7. Run contests

8. Move beyond the feed with Instagram Stories and live videos

9. Engage with existing communities

10. Consider Instagram advertising

11. Learn from Instagram insights

Do you know some other tips and tricks? Please share it with us in the comment section below.