1. Build a profile to showcase your niche. Photography, Travel, Flower Arrangement, Fitness…and the list goes on. The key is to portray your expertise.
2. Post quality content. This cannot be overemphasized. No matter how many hashtags you use, unless you post quality content, followers will not be engaged. If you just remember just one thing from this post, this is it!
3. Cater to your audience. In the images you post, you’ll be able to gauge your audience’s preference based on which posts engage audiences the most. It pays to post content preferred by your follower base.
4. Respond. It pays to follow experts in your field and respond to their content. Take time to respond to your followers’ comments and like their content.
5. Hashtags for wider reach. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags. It pays to use hashtags for your posts to reach a wider audience.

Now you try.....