With Social Media Gids we have a wide range of tasks for our target audience like:

* Sharing valuable information;

* Giving advice and learn to make full use of our social media tools;

* Making accessible content through video images, podcasts, news articles, industry-related issues, interviews with experts and (online) training;

* Taking care of their social media strategy and execution of it;

* Moderate and stimulate our online community

As a virtual consulting agency it’s a challenge to build a connected and productive team when everyone is not side-by-side, because our team members are cities- and countries apart.

We've chosen for Sococo as it gives our team the ability to be all in the same (virtual) office space together and because of it's fun way of experience the office life. We can actually see our team members as small avatars working in different “rooms” (team meetings, group discussions, etc), so we are always aware of what’s going on in each others world (lunch break, projects, etc). This way we know when we can talk to a colleague and when they are busy with a customer or another co-worker. We experience a sense of community and team members are more likely to work more efficiently in order to be as successful as their team members.