Add an intro to your lead ad to give more details, to tell people what they'll receive for submitting their info or to describe your product or service. Adding an intro is optional.

Add an Intro to your form:

1. Go to your business Page;
2. Click Publishing Tools at the top;
3. Click Forms Library;
4. Click + Create;
5. Create a new form, and give your form a name;
6. In the Intro (Optional) section, add a headline (max 60 characters);
7. Choose either to use the image from your ad or upload a new image for your welcome screen;
8. In the Layout drop-down, choose between Bullets (max 80 characters per bullet) or Paragraph (no character limit). Add a message that tells people about your product or service;
9. Add your button text (max 30 characters);
10. Check your form preview. If everything looks as expected, you can continue creating your lead form or click Save to save your work.

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