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Community Manager Gurby Bulo 11 months ago created
Whats the purpose of using hashtags? 

The purpose of hashtags is like keyword search on Google. It's how your being found by your new audience. These people can find you and discover you.
In just a few months that hashtag follow is been released, over 100 million people now follow hashtags. 
If your putting your photo's in these hashtags you'll be found by new audience.
 Thats how you build a following and those people will now become more engaged because they found you on a hashtag that they are interested in. 
It's the most organic way to grow a large following. 

How do we find the hashtags that you want to post on?

A lot of people think that they should use the bigger name hashtags. 
The shortterm keyword hashtag! But you really want a longerterm keyword hashtag so you can reach a more targeted audience.
If you want to brand your channel you have to find a niche in that market to find that ideal customer.
The key is to find hashtags where you'll going to rank as a top post and on top of the hashtag.
You all know I'm a soccer fan so lets take the hashtag #ajax. I'm not going to use this hashtag because it has about 932K posts at the moment. 
I prefer pick #ajaxamsterdam with 71K posts.
So when your thinking about your hashtags, think about the big ones your going to use but than add on to it or modefy it and just start looking for hashtags which have lower numbers of photos in it versus the one who have millions, because you'll never rank in those. 

Build your list of 30 hashtags 

You need to keep researching and build multiple lists and use those lists interchangeably. It's good to have about three to four different lists with a maximum of 30 hashtags for your channel, which you can save on your notes app of your phone. When you're ready to post you can use the list of hashtags that connects to that post to reach that same or new target audience. Step back, take your time to do the research before so when your ready to post you're not waisting time.  
When you do a post and you post your hashtags for example 20 minutes later, you not going to get seen. You have to do that immediately. Time matters.

Hashtags in the caption or in the 1st comment?

These opinions are divided. It doesn't matter in case of engagement or reach. Putting them in the 1st comment is just for aesthetic reasons.

Last! A pro hack to quickly have access to you hashtags instead of copying and pasting the list everytime, is creating a keyword shortcut in your phone.
So when you type in one word the entire list of hashtags is generated.

Do you have some other hacks for branding your Instagram channel? Share your answers, questions, ideas & comments below...
James Anam 8 months ago created
If you add hashtags to a post at the top that's set to public, the post will be visible on the corresponding hashtag page.  Here a difference is also seen among the users when it comes to using Instagram hashtags, it can be a bit of a touchy subject. Some people hate them, and some people love them a little too.😄
Community Manager Gurby Bulo 8 months ago created
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience @jamesanam 👊🏾
James Anam 8 months ago created
 Instagram Hacks for Creating Cool Instagram. Instagram is the second most popular social media site in the all over the world.
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