Facebook is rolling out a new feature that limits the ability of an app to access user data.

Every 90 days, Facebook is now requiring apps to renew the consent of its users.

"User access tokens are either short-lived or long-lived. However, all access tokens must be renewed every 90 days with the consent of the person using your app.
This means that every 90 days you must send a person through the login process and they must agree to the login by clicking the Continue button," said Facebook in a blog post.

“When you use iOS, Android, or our JavaScript SDK, the SDK will handle making sure that tokens are refreshed before they expire during this 90-day period. 
Native mobile apps using Facebook's SDKs get long-lived access tokens, good for about 60 days. 
These tokens will be refreshed once per day, for up to 90 days, when the person using your app makes a request to Facebook's servers. 
If no requests are made, the token will expire after about 60 days and the person will have to go through the login flow again to get a new token.”