To promote the community activity we will hold a HELPSMGHELPYOU challenge every month. This challenge will start every 1st day of each month!

You can earn engagement points by:

* Open a topic;
* Post a response;
* Someone who liked your comment;
* Your answer to be the best answer by the one started the topic.

As a valued member we hope you're most important intention is to be supportive, active and help other members in your community to succeed and excel in their profession, as they will do the same for you too.

Every last day of each month the most supportive and active member will be on top of the Leaderboard and wins a FREE month full access to the Social Media Gids Community.
! If the winner already has a paid subscription he/she will be credited for a month.

Everyone automatically resumes at the 1st of each month.

Get started, Get connected, Get informed and Get active!