When creating your lead ads form, you can ask custom questions. After you've given your form a name and designed your welcome screen, click Questions to add questions to your form.

1. Under Custom Questions (Optional), click + Add custom question. NOTE: Example is shown in the picture attached.

2. You will see a drop-down menu with options for how you can phrase your question and receive your answers. Select:

Short Answer to ask a question that leaves room for people to provide a one line open answer.

Multiple Choice to give people different options to choose from. With this option you will type in your questions and possible answers. We recommend using ranges to shorten the number of options (ex: use 2001-2004 as one option instead of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004). You may also leave the field blank for open-ended questions.

Conditional, under Multiple Choice, to create a set of questions with conditional answers that change based on how someone answered a previous question.

Store Locator to let people search for a nearby store or location. The store locator uses the locations that have been set up for your Page or business. You can select hte source of your locations from your Page or business on Facebook, or connect to an API.

Appointment Scheduling let people request a date and time to make an appointment with your business or schedule a store visit.

3. If you'd like to add additional questions, click + Add a question again. Keep in mind that you can add up to 15 custom questions.

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