Did you know that Lead Ads are a great way to easily connect with your target audience? 

When a visitor on your website clicks your lead ad on Facebook or Instagram, they'll see a form that's already filled with the contact details they've opted to share on Facebook, such as their name, email address or phone number.

See how businesses like yours are already finding success with lead ads:

1. See how you can re-engage people with a Custom Audience
When you have vistors on your website that already shown interest in your business it’s smart to create a Custom Audience for them. You can build a Custom Audience of vistors who have taken actions on your website, visitors who have previously engaged with your business on Facebook or your existing customers

Maserati USA, the luxury automaker used a two-phase Instagram and Facebook campaign to draw a third of its leads, and sold 127 Levantes among those leads. Maserati targeted a Custom Audience of people who had performed specific actions on Maseratiusa.com as part of its strategy, including visiting the Levante vehicle landing page.

Unicars Hondas, the California-based car dealership used lead ads to encourage people interested in renting a Honda vehicle to submit their contact information, bringing in four times more leads. The Unicars team used the Facebook pixel to create a Custom Audience of people who had previously visited its website with the goal to reach people most likely interested in leasing a Honda.

2. See how you can find new people with a Lookalike Audience
You can use your Custom Audience to create a Lookalike Audience, when you're ready to find new leads. The people who have already engaged with your business are seen as Lookalike Audiences (or "look like"). These Lookalike Audiences will help you collect high-quality leads that share key traits with your best customers.

Gatormade trailers, a trailer manufacturer used Facebook Lead Ads to generate higher-quality leads for its sales team. To reach the right audience and achieve a 2 to 3 times lower cost per lead, Gatormade created a Lookalike Audience to match the demographics of its most valuable customers (those who requested a price quote).

Minnesota Orchestra wanted to reach younger ticket holders. When the Grammy-award winning Minnesota Orchestra ran Lead Ads to attract audience members under the age of 40, they achieved an 11.3% return on ad spend. The orchestra created Lookalike Audiences similar to past ticket holders, audiences interested in specific composers and new leads generated from their lead ads campaign.

3. See how you can grab attention with visuals and text
Include engaging images or video to capture the attention and to educate your target audience about your business or other offer. When you're asking someone to fill in a form with their details, your Lead Ads should offer more context than typical image or video ads. You can consider to showcase coupons or other incentives to encourage your audience to share their information with you.

Epic Games, the video game developer wanted to recruit open beta players and used Lead Ads to encourage people to register for the open beta of its newest game, Paragon, resulting in an 80% conversion rate. The ads featured action-driven images and they also highlighted the beautiful graphics and gorgeous scenes in the game.

America's Test Kitchen, the cooking media company used Lead Ads and Lookalike Audiences to test the performance of video ads against still images. To see which creative format would generate the most leads at the lowest cost, America's Test Kitchen used different types of creatives in their lead ads and found that motion-driven creative increased their lead volume by 45%.

4. See how you can follow up with your leads quickly
Immediately following up with your leads can help drive the best conversion rates and ensure your budget is spent efficiently. You can access your leads by downloading them directly from your Page but we recommend receiving your leads automatically by integrating your email marketing or customer relationship (CRM) tools.

Wordstream, a online marketing company saw a continuous flow of new qualified leads after shifting its focus from paid search and email marketing to lead ads. By creating Custom Audiences of their existing leads from previous Facebook campaigns and email marketing lists, Wordstream saw a 66% decrease in cost per lead as compared to other channels.

Digital Marketer, the marketing development company lowered their cost per lead by 80% by creating a Lead Ad campaign to generate interest in their articles and learning tools. To ensure that they were offering the most relevant and valuable content in each ad, Digital Marketer used the extensive list of marketing job titles in their marketing database to feature the right content to the right audience.

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