Our online community is the place where a large audience of independent contractors, marketers, communication officers, accountmanagers and business owners meet on a regular basis. Our audience have common features, want to achieve certain goals or perform certain activities. They do this by exchanging ideas and information. In this way they develop our (virtual) community together.

As a online Community Manager your the one who manages this community. You're are in charge, but you don't give this guidance extremely visible. Our community is characterized by openness and open to all ideas. You have to make sure that this is done neatly, that users behave respectfully and that the purpose of the community is not overlooked.

You keep the discussions alive, the community active and attractes new members. Because you are our helicopter in the sky you know well what's happening in our community and you can pass this on to the Social Media Strategy Expert for strategic improvement of our community.

Get started, Get connected, Get informed and Get active!