How do I create effective Lead Ads

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Lead Ads are an effective way to build interest in your business on Facebook and Instagram. Your target audience can easily sign up for what you're offering and you'll get accurate details to contact them back.  Follow the steps and best practices below to start getting new customers with lead ads.1. Define your audience
It’s smart to build your audience to reach people who are likely to be interested in your business. You can build audiences based on location, age, language and much much more, but you can also choose to create a Custom Audience of your existing leads, customers or people who have already engaged with your website.Best practice
Over 40% of Lead Ad impressions served on Facebook use Custom Audience targeting. This is tremendous smart way to collect high-quality leads who will provide the most value to your business.2. Set your budget and bid
You can set a daily or lifetime budget for your campaign. You have two options to set your bid:* Automatic - Facebook will set the bid that helps you get the most results at the best price;* Manual - Enter a bid based on what results are worth to you. Best practice
When optimising for leads, it's important that you bid high enough to get sufficient reach for your ad. If you know how much each lead is worth to you, you can use manual bidding and set your bid to no less than your true cost per lead (the true maximum you can pay for a lead and get a positive return on your investment). Otherwise simply use automatic bidding.3. Select your creative
Grab attention of the viewer with engaging text and images to illustrate why a viewer should complete your lead form. You can choose to use a single image, carousel format, slideshow or video. Best practice
You can consider using one of the more engaging creative formats such as carousel or video to stand out and capture attention. Provide more context than you would with a traditional ad and consider including coupons or other incentives in the ad creative (anything that gives the viewer an incentive to share their information with you).4. Create a lead form
You'll need two things to create a lead form:* A list of the questions you want to ask;* A link to your privacy policy on your business website.
Facebook requires all advertisers, who want to create Lead Ads, to have a Privacy Policy on their business website. Best practice 
Be aware to only ask for the information you really really need on your form. While having more knowledge about your leads can be helpful, asking additional questions may decrease the chances of your form being completed.5. Lead follow-up
Immediately following up with your leads can help drive the best conversions rates and ensure your budget is spent efficiently. You can access your leads by downloading them from your Page or receive them automatically by integrating your email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) tools with Lead Ads. Best practice
Make follow-up easy by integrating lead ads with your marketing tools. That way, when someone completes a lead ad, their information will automatically appear in your CRM tool or be added to your email list.
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Lead ads are the best way to build up interest in your products or services on Facebook. With lead ads, potential customers can sign up for what you're offering, and you'll get accurate contact info to follow up on them. When you create your first lead ad, you'll create both the ad and the contact form in the same step.
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