When marketers starts running ads they think they are successful when they're driving traffic to their website.
They spend money on their ads, see a ton of traffic and think the ads are working.
As they get a little bit more sophisticated they start looking at cost per click (CPC), click trough rate (CTR) and those metrics that tells them about the actual ads.
“Are website visitors clicking trough them or clicking through at a high rate?” How much am I paying for these clicks?” These click metrics in traffic are the click focused view of ad success.
In the next step when marketers get much more sophisticated and kind of graduate to conversions, their whole process changes.

When marketers can measure conversions they are starting to measure what happens after website visitors click on their ads. That's really super important when you're running ads. Yes, offcourse you want to have a good cost per click (CPC) or click through rate (CTR), but if visitors are not coming to your website, become a lead or download a leadmagnet (example: e-booking or template), then the ad is not so successful.

This is the kind of typical curve of sophistication you see in the journey of climbing the big curve of marketing measurement success to get to the final step, ROI.
So then the marketer moves past conversion and says “Okay, the ads I'm running they are generating conversions but then what's happening to those leads? Are they Marketing Qualifing Leads (MQL)? Are they becoming Sales Qualifing Leads (SQL) and turn into valuable customers?

A lot of times marketers get too caught up in optimizing for an awesome click through rate and awesome cost per click. But you can be doing great there but on the other end are these conversions and leads being generated? Are they valuable and turning into good customers? You might pay more for your ad and have a lower click trough rate for your most valuable audience. So if you, as a marketer, are only looking at those click metrics or some conversions metrics, you will not have the whole story covered. You really want to understand ROI and the value of those leads that come through and get from “click focus” to “conversion focus” as soon as possible.

Let us know in the comment secton below where you're on the curve of marketing measurement success. “Click focus” or “conversion focus”?

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