Professional social network LinkedIn has added GIFs to its messaging service, through a partnership with Tenor, to make it easier for you to communicate on LinkedIn. 

Now you can search for GIFs within messaging and send it out to your contacts. LinkedIn said that 7 in 10 Americans use GIFs and other visuals like emojis in their conversations,
and this trend has moved to the way people people communicate at work as well.  

What better way to congratulate a coworker on their recent promotion, say “Thanks!” to a colleague for an introduction to one of their connections,
or show excitement for a catch-up with your former teammate? Just make sure to take into consideration if it’s acceptable in your workplace (think about your company’s culture, your professional relationship with the person, and the industry you work in to decide if it makes sense to send a GIF). 

The GIFs available through Tenor's GIF search engine will give you countless ways to add some personality to your conversations and express your point of view in an impactful way.

GIFs in LinkedIn Messaging is in the process of rolling out and will be available globally in the coming weeks.