With Social Media Gids we use social media management software Hootsuite to save time managing all aspects of our social media presence. We schedule our social messages, filter and find relevant content on Twitter, analyze our social media efforts, collaborate with our team to manage an overwhelming number of questions on Facebook (from our customers and prospects) and monitor Instagram for mentions of our brand. 

Instead of visiting multiple websites, sharing passwords, and spending the time tracking each social network individually, Hootsuite allows us to manage, collaborate and execute campaigns across multiple social networks from ONE secure web-based dashboard.

With our SMG Subscriptions (Bronze/Silver/Gold) we take care of the social media marketing of our customers (as a HootSuite Solution Partner) using social media management software Hootsuite. 

We developed a Hootsuite Dashboard class where our customers can learn (by watching video tutorials and reading pages) covering everything from engaging with prospects to running effective social media campaigns and contests. At the end of the class they will be able to use Hootsuite effectively. The Hootsuite Dashboard class is a great way to quickly level up and become a allround social media pro.

NOTE!: The 3 classes 1. Social Marketing, 2. Social Selling and 3. Social Media Strategy Expert are in progress and will be released before the end of 2017.