The top social media questions marketers want answered can be summarized with the following keywords: tactics, engagement, measurement, paid, and audience—in that order.

Below are the top issues marketers are facing today with social media marketing. At least 87% of marketers surveyed felt they're struggling to answer all of the following questions:

1 TACTICS: What social tactics are most effective?
The number-one question marketers want answered (93%) is which tactics work best. This isn't a surprise, given the constant changes taking place across many social networks.

2 ENGAGEMENT: What are the best ways to engage my audience with social media?
Figuring out how to best connect with people remains high on the list of questions marketers want answered (91%). Engaging with customers is becoming a unique competitive advantage.

3 MEASUREMENT: How do I measure the return on my social media marketing?
A significant 89% of marketers want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities.

4 PAID: What are the best ways to use paid social media?
Determining how to use social media ads is a big question for marketers (88%). Figuring out how to use various social platforms for more paid exposure and customer acquisition is important.

5 AUDIENCE: How do I find my target audience with social media?
Locating ideal customers and prospects is a big concern for marketers (87%). Marketers are looking for guidance on sifting through enormous social networks and connecting with the right people.

Source: 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report