Do you want to make your Instagram journey easier at the beginning?
The first 10K followers is the hardest one.
People don’t like to follow small blogs, so at the beginning you will also become the target for someone’s massfollowing.  They will follow you only to make you follow back and then unfollow you if you don’t. You’ll see fluctuations of your followers number every day.

So what should you do to and grow your Instagram faster?
The answer is simple: set up your main target and divide it into small targets.
Let’s say, your target is 10 000 followers in 6 months/9 months/12 months
Let’s say in 12 months. That will be 28 followers to gain per day. Knowing that maybe 10 people out of your daily new followers are mass followers that will unfollow you sooner or later, you need to gain 38 people per day.
Gaining 38 followers doesn't sound diffecult, right?

Now think how you can get them to:
✅ Comment effective: This is the most effective way. If you do it right, it can help you to reach your daily target and more.
✅ Comment and Like: Find your potential followers and like/comment their posts. Do it A LOT.
✅ To use the right chosen hashtags and geotags.

Tip: You can use this trick to reach any goals. Set up a big goal, divide it into small goals, feel less stressful, develop the plan to reach the mini-goals and do it.

Do you have some other tricks to reach your Instagram goals? Share your answers, questions, ideas & comments below...