What often happens is when marketers run a campaign for the first time, they will start to get the click data so they will start to get cost per click (CPC) and click through rate (CTR). Those are valuable metrics and they can tell you a lot about your ads. They can tell you which pieces of creative are working or that you’re meeting your cost per click goals and that kind of things. But you want to get past those metrics as soon as you can.  

You do want to measure them and think about them, but you want to take that data and make some good decisions about your creative and then hopefully will start to get conversions. Then you really want to focus on conversion rate. Once you see conversions coming in you want to optimize your
conversion path and increase that conversion rate. Then you can run the numbers again and you can start looking at cost per acquisition. You can say, “What’s my return on my Ad spend, how much am I paying per conversion?” As you get more data in you will start to see that different pieces of creative have a better cost per acquisition than others. And you can keep optimizing with that data throughout the entire lifecycle of the campaign. Eventually you'll get to ROI.
All of those metrics are going to fill out over time and as you increase your spend, you can just use that to optimize and make smarter marketing decisions.

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