Where are your customers? Are they reading the morning newspaper while they eat their breakfast? Not anymore. The newspaper business is dying. Well then, maybe they’re listening to radio? Nope! OK, well then what about magazines or television? Let’s add two more “no’s” to our list. 

The traditional media is either stagnant in the case of broadcast radio, or dying like the newspapers. Your audience is online now.

The reason everyone is online is because it’s less expensive to publish online and much faster to distribute your story (or webcast, podcast) to the entire world that you could have done with traditional media.

If digital is the best way to communicate online, why wouldn’t it be the best way to market as well?

In addition to audience size, online marketing also benefits from ease of tracking, which makes technologies like retargeting possible, and allows the easy analysis and rapid adjustment of marketing campaigns possible in a way like never before.

It used to be that you launched a marketing campaign like you put out a cruise ship into the atlantic ocean. With online marketing you can measure and track performance in real time, and adjust different parameters to optimize. That helps keep costs down for online marketing, and obviously confers a competitive benefit to companies that focus on it.

The advantages of online marketing have only gotten greater with mobile marketing. Now you can reach your audience whenever and wherever they’re at and depending on the platform you can tailor advertisements to their location in real time.

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