You’re looking for more customers? Use Facebook Lead Ads

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Facebook Lead Ads can help make it easy for your target audience and existing customers to connect with your business.

When a person clicks your lead ad on Facebook or Instagram, they'll see a form that's already filled with the contact details they've opted to share on Facebook, such as their name and email address.

Now you can follow up with your leads by downloading their the contact details from your Facebook Page, or receive them automatically by integrating your email or CRM tool.

1.  What are the ways to use lead ads to grow your business?:

* Grow your email list through Facebook
Get more sign-ups for your newsletter or other email marketing, and follow up with helpful resources.
* Collect custom interest information with Facebook to Learn more about your customers 
Ask your customers about their preferences and interests so you can offer them the best experience.
* Offer vouchers and promotions through Facebook
Showcase deals, coupons or discounts to grow interest in your product or service.
* Use lead ads on Facebook to connect and Schedule appointments
Offer your customers a quick and easy way to schedule appointments or meetings.

Now you can follow up with your leads by downloading their the contact details from your Facebook Page, or receive them automatically by integrating your email or CRM tool.

2. What you need to get started

When you create your first lead ad, you'll set up the ad and the lead form in the same step. Here's what you'll need to have ready to successfully create a lead ad:
* Use visuals with Facebook lead ads
Lead ads have the same text and image requirements as link ads. You can use a single image, multiple images or a video in your ad.
* Get useful feedback on Facebook by listing questions in your lead form
Choose from a number of default fields such as email address and phone number, or create your own custom questions.
* Reduce legal conflict with Facebook marketing tools by creating a link to the privacy policy for your business
Facebook requires all advertisers who create lead ads to have a privacy policy on their business' website. They'll ask you to include a link to this privacy policy when you create your lead ad.
* Reach your customer with custom content on Facebook by including info on a welcome screen (optional)
You can include additional information on a welcome screen, which appears before your form. We recommend testing the welcome screen to see if it helps increase your lead quality.

Over 40% of lead ads impressions served on Facebook use Custom Audience targeting. Try using a Custom Audience to reach new people who are similar to your existing customers. This can help increase the quality of your leads.

Why not join the conversation and keep up to date about Facebook strategies. Ask us a question in the comment secton below, share your ideas & comments, tag a friend who needs to see this or learn more about how to use Facebook Lead Ads in our Facebook Masterclass >>>>>.
James Anam 10 months ago created
Hi Gurby!! Nice info on Facebook lead Ads you shared here. Definitely, help few who are aware a bit with Facebook lead Ads but not me this time. 
Community Manager Gurby Bulo 10 months ago created
@jamesanam​ Whenever you're ready pop up your questions! Don't forget our FREE Social Media Strategy Templates👍
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